There are 10 million fully assumable FHA/VA mortgages attached to residential properties in the United States, which amounts to 20% of all outstanding mortgages. Most of these loans have interest rates in the 2-3% range, enabling the buyer who assumes the existing loan to save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest over the life of the loan, in addition to significant closing cost savings.

Single Unit Approval now allows FHA loans, for purchase or refinance, in the 140,000 condominium associations that are not FHA certified. However, the association must comply with FHA guidelines to be eligible for FHA mortgages, which is why you need to order the FHAFAX report today, before it’s too late. Click on the learn more tab to find out why our report is so important.

FHA PROS provides comprehensive real time data for FHA and VA condominium approval status. Our data is the most accurate and up to date condominium data in the world. We offer web services to meet any MLS platform’s individual structure and demands.

FHA PROS offers many lender solutions to fund more FHA loans that are in approved or unapproved associations. From condominium underwriting for HRAP or DELRAP approvals, to Single Unit reviews and FHAFAX reporting, FHA PROS is the solution.

Radio Interview on Assumptions with Gil Azcarate

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The Benefits of Mortgage Assumption

FHA PROS Mobile Condo Data

FHA PROS Mobile Condo Data

Access FHA condominium and assumable data right from your handheld device.