FHA/VA Full Project Approvals

FHA/VA Approval Process

We process FHA/VA project approvals for condominium associations. We collect and review all the condominium documents, financials, phasing amendments, plots of survey, management agreements, and insurance for HUD compliance and consult on any changes that are necessary to obtain the approval.

We demonstrate our confidence in our research by signing as sponsor for Appendices A & E, therefore indicating that the submission is true and accurate as to ALL of its content.

Finally, we submit the application and supporting documents according to HUD rules of submission, and act as liaison with the case coordinator assigned to the approval.

Get FHA/VA Approved

FHA mortgages are currently being used by 25% of buyers. Not having FHA approval means you and your condominium seller are losing out on this demand in the marketplace.

Let the FHAPROS help you and your seller market the property to the entire buyer market.

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