Accessibility Policy

What is Website Accessibility?

FHAPros, LLC employees strive to make online experiences with (“Website”) and our Services (“Service”) as enjoyable and as informative as possible. The Team at FHAPros, LLC has made every reasonable effort to make the Website and Service accessible to all of our users.

If you believe that part of the Website or mobile application does not conform to Level AA of the WCAG, please contact FHAPros, LLC using one of the following two methods so the problem can be corrected:

  • Contact FHAPros, LLC by Phone at 818-707-0258
  • Contact FHAPros, LLC by email at

Throughout FHAPros, LLC’s website, every effort has been made to make every page accessible to users. But FHAPros, LLC cannot guarantee that every page conforms to WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards for the following reasons:

  • Some pages have partial conformance due to third-party vendors. Therefore, FHAPros, LLC is unable to claim site-wide conformance. FHAPros, LLC adheres to a partial conformance, as defined by WCAG Level AA 2.0. FHAPros, LLC cannot ensure conformance of third-party plug-ins and widgets.
  • FHAPros, LLC’s conformance claims only extend to pages within the domain.
  • FHAPros, LLC has used WCAG guidelines for compliance as suggested by the Department of Justice.
  • FHAPros, LLC chose to use WCAG for compliance because they are determined by W3C, the consortium that makes all guidelines for the Internet, worldwide.
  • FHAPros, LLC uses automated testing as a baseline for conformance on a periodic basis.
  • For the most accessible experience, FHAPros, LLC recommends viewing its website using the latest version of the Chrome Web Browser made by Google.