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FHA Pros Condominium and FHA Data

FHA PROS DATA now a RESO Standard in version 1.7

FHA PROS licenses real-time FHA condominium approval and eligibility data. Our technology provides realtor members the most up-to-date data in the industry to assist their clients in buying and selling properties. In addition, our condominium data displays by address, which condominiums listed for sale are FHA approved, and if approved, if the association is eligible for new FHA insured mortgages. Below are examples of our reports and the information only our FHA PROS technology provides:

MRED Search Screen

When our condominium data is integrated with any MLS, agents can search only for FHA approved condominiums, instead of the current inefficient system of obtaining the legal name of each listing, logging out of the MLS system, and going to to search their roster, to see if the condominium even appears.

Search Results

When listings are pulled, the FHA icon signifies if the particular address is FHA approved and eligible (green light), or FHA approved and possibly ineligible (yellow light).

Link in Agent Full Report

On each condominium listing, our check FHA eligibility button is at the top of the page for agents to click through to see the eligibility report.

Search Results with Green Approved

If the condominium listed is FHA approved and eligible, the FHA PROS report displays valuable information never before available such as:

  • Owner occupancy percentage
  • Percentage of FHA loans within the association
  • Number of Units in the association
  • Decertification date
  • Maximum FHA loan amount
  • Legal name of the association

Search Results with Caution display

If the condominium listed is FHA approved but possibly ineligible (Yellow light), the FHA PROS report displays all of the above information and the reason for the caution. This immediately alerts agents and lenders that while the association is on the HUD approved roster, the current condition might make closing an FHA loan impossible.

Link with Window open for Not Approved

If the condominium is not FHA approved, a red light appears to alert that the association is not FHA certified, and therefore an FHA borrower would be unable to complete the transaction.

Email Example

FHA PROS can also integrate into the MLS platform an email system alerting agents whether or not their uploaded listing is or is not FHA approved and if not, a click through for them to contact the FHA PROS to assist in the certification of the association by FHA.

If you are an MLS or real estate agent interested in licensing options, click here.