FHA, VA, USDA Mortgage Assumption

All FHA, USDA, and VA mortgages are fully assumable by a buyer, which means the buyer can assume the existing rate and term of the seller’s mortgage. With rates having flown up, this creates enormous opportunity for the buyer to save tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments, costs, and years repaying the mortgage of the seller.

Benefits of an Assumption

  • No new loan origination or funding fees
  • Huge interest savings
  • Potential years of payments saved
  • No appraisal required
  • Possible mortgage insurance savings
  • No mortgage tax (in states that have one)
  • For FHA buyers, no 1.75% upfront mortgage insurance premium charged
  • Much faster process
  • Qualify for a larger sale price with a lower monthly payment
  • More buyers qualify when the payment is lower than a new mortgage

There are almost 10 million existing government insured mortgages in the United States, fully twenty percent of all properties currently listed for sale. Assumption not only benefits the buyer, but it benefits the seller as well. Upon assumption, the seller is forever released from any liability (novation) on the mortgage, enabling them to obtain another mortgage without issue. In addition, the seller benefits from an assumption because the lower payment that their mortgage requires means not only are there more people who qualify, but results in a higher price and demand for the seller’s property because of the financing their assumable mortgage offers.

For example, let’s say the seller has a 3% mortgage that is three years old, for a loan amount of $300,000. This loan would have a principal and interest payment of $1265. A new loan at the current rate of 6% would distill a payment of $1800 a month, a $535 a month savings for the life of the loan. This is an over $192,000 savings of interest alone over the course of the loan. In addition, the loan would be paid off two years sooner than would a loan that the buyer obtained and didn’t assume. And as rates go up, the savings increase dramatically.

FHAPROS is the industry leader in mortgage assumptions in the United States. We help all industry stakeholders, whether it is real estate agents, sellers, lenders, or servicers who wish for their clients to receive the benefits of assumption. We assist the buyer who must qualify with sufficient credit and income, with the process of assumption and work with the seller’s servicer to ensure compliance with assumption rules and complete the paperwork that is necessary to fully assume the seller’s mortgage and make it become the buyers.

The assumption process is much less painful for the buyer than for them to apply for their own loan, since the loan they are assuming has already been funded, insured, and sold as a mortgage backed security.

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